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Hiring Service | Innovative job hiring platform
  • High-resolution of candidates' profiles are facilitated through stable and formidable 150+ technology assessment, coding tests and psychometric evaluation that are proctoring enabled to check the taste and knowledge of our candidates.
  • Extremely high-performance mapping are not compromised in our one-way interviews. We transcend the HR limits by increasing the efficiency and sensitivity of hiring.
  • The futuremug is the tech with a nudge and the synonym of Convenience. Stay connected to access job candidates without hampering your budget.

Our Features

Mug Score That Flatter Your Resume

Shortage perfected, finest assessment score that meets your standards of quality.

1 Way Video Interview

Learn how your candidates communicate through one-way video interviews.

Diverse Custom Assessment Shells

Customized assessment tests that are dressed in perfection.

Proctoring Authorized To Promise Quality

Highly secured and efficient monitoring without compromising excellence.

360 Degree Profile View

Different level of user-friendly experience to expand your talent pool with peace of mind.

150+ Smarter Technology Assessments

Point the chassis to check your mastery.

We give you a sturdier platform to conquer every aspect of hiring

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Portfolio Building

Gripping portfolios that maximizes your profile.

Chisel out confusions and build sleek portfolios that distinguish your personality. Create top-notch video resumes, vigorous portfolio profiles and tailored social walls that armour your destiny. This undoubtedly would strike a fine, impression on the recruiter.


Fully synchronized, custom-engineered tests that cover all the basics.

We check out distortions and see what cannot be seen by the human eye. Relentless authenticity and unbiased results are the core of our assessment criteria. Evaluate your skills, identify your domain, analyze your personality and psychometric qualities through our tech luxury know-how.


Expertise that makes you steer clear of Jams.

It's not easy to stay in the loop. But with our professional mentorship that wraps technical, domain, interview and personality enhancement will strategically hook you up. Handle unexpected situations with ease and navigate naturally to your futuremug. We have got room for you!

Jobs Platform

Superior position demands superior candidates.

We are the best job platform in kerala to easily search or hire candidates. This dynamic space satisfies your practical desires without delay. Conveniently search and bulk apply to get instant job alerts and set your preference with high fidelity.

Shortlist Candidates

Approach with confidence to excavate sturdier, seamless talent chamber.

Automate hiring to get job candidates online that assure your future value. Shortlist utilizing our 200+ technology and coding assessments that are proctoring enabled, one-way video interviews, campus placements and diligent virtual interviews. Let the candidates explore your jobs, internships and challenges through futuremug.

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Hiring Service | Innovative job hiring platform

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