It is a proven fact that an overseas academic experience is a key factor in being considered for good jobs, good professional growth, better salaries, career promotions and a lot more.

futuremug offers study abroad profiling and helps process applications to over 15000 top Universities across more than 22 countries. Our assistance and services are available in Kerala, Chennai and Bangalore.

What We Do?

We offer very comprehensive and logical support to your study abroad dreams. It is a detailed 6 step process comprising the following

Career Assessment
Abroad studies profiling
Career Path Analysis

College Recommendations
College Applications

The following are the services we offer

Submission of application to the University
Effective file management support to maximise the chances of securing admission
Visa coordination
SOP support Liaison and coordination with the University
Scholarship assistance

Benefits of an overseas education

The benefits of studying abroad are endless. It not only enhances your employment and career prospects but also gives you new perspectives of looking at your life.
The following are just a few.

You can learn a new language and this opens up more career opportunities
Learn through a new method and this can help you become a quick learner in the future as well

Enhance your resume with new experiences
Enhance your network of people
Develop your confidence and skills
Discover career opportunities abroad


What are you waiting for? The time for action is now.

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