Case Study


Quest Global is a 25-year-old company offering end-to-end product engineering services. They support industries such as Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Energy, Hi-Tech, Healthcare, Medical Devices, Rail, and Semiconductor industries.
Quest Global, partnered with us to spearhead their extensive recruitment drive to meet their new hire requirements for their offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, and Trivandrum.


  • Off-campus recruitment drive - 492 candidates placed.
  • On-campus recruitment drive - 660 candidates placed.
  • Fresher interviews – 1375 numbers.

futuremug visited over 70 Colleges and scrutinized over 50,000 applications over a period of 4 months to complete the above three processes.

Quest Global is a 25-year-old engineering expert offering end-to-end product engineering services. As a global organization, Quest Global has a presence in 17 countries, with 56 delivery centers around the world, and employs over 13,000 people globally. They bring deep industry knowledge and digital expertise to deliver end-to-end global product engineering services. By bringing together technologies and diverse individuals with a wide area of expertise Quest Global aims at solving even the most important and large-scale challenges across multiple industries better, and faster. The industries they support include Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Energy, Hi-Tech, Healthcare, Medical Devices, Rail, and Semiconductor industries.

Quest Global was looking for a partner to help them with their massive new hire requirement. Considering the huge number of employees they wanted to fill the various positions, their HR team needed external help to complete the process. They were looking for someone who could manage the process end-to-end and get them quality employees for their offices. The whole process would involve scouring through tens of thousands of applicants, each of them going through multiple levels of interviews, assessments, etc. A process that would take them many months, and one that will require them to excuse their current employees from their jobs for that length of time.

We, futuremug, had done similar exercises in the past quite successfully and have helped clients from multiple industries do away with their cumbersome hiring process. We were referred to Quest Global by other companies with whom we had worked in the past. We shared the process we followed and the numbers we hit for our previous client, Innovature, for whom we had done a similar recruitment drive in 2020. Another reason that made Quest Global choose us was also the fact that we had both the technical ability to attract good talent and experienced human resources to do the groundwork for this challenging project.

After understanding the unique requirement of Quest Global in detail, we started planning the hiring process to ensure that we attract qualified and professional candidates who will be valuable assets to Quest Global through their long-term association with them. We zeroed in on different types of interview processes to get the best results.