Case Study

How futuremug trustfully initiated the Campus hiring for SunTec in a strategical way.

futuremug is the best reach out to enhance your company growth by conquering the collaboration of the right candidates with aid of campus hiring.

The rate of extending the talents with capable recruitment opportunities is increasingly changing its notions day by day. The motive of every campus hiring is to establish the company standards by discovering the sprouting talents from the requirement-suited environment. The procedures of the unending service are highly dependable in the strategical approach adapted to conduct the hiring with less flaw.
Finding a suitable plan to rectify the uneasiness of every hiring is doubtlessly a task. Every company needs an accurate hiring strategy to fit in the competitive world. To ascertain the right space for recruitment, the candidates should be well detected by the hiring team without enlisting the binaries. The right hiring with the right strategy is the all deemed solution to upraise the trust of campus hiring and a resourceful team to lead the deal is very much acceptable to enlarge the developing horizons.

The journey of SunTech with futuremug

SunTech, the world’s leading pricing and billing firm with cloud-based tools adds value to society with its award-winning products and solutions. They embrace a customer-first strategy and great customer service to grow potential audiences enormously to their platform. SunTech's working potential has phenomenally reached the growth of the fast structured technical world. SunTech approached futuremug in pertaining helpful resources in assessments to procreate their company space with remarkable talents. They asked us to take part in the assessment process efficiently, to produce an evident hike in employee power.

How does futuremug value SunTech during campus hiring?

From the initial interaction itself, our client was extremely anxious about the strategy we are adopting to retain the campus hiring up to their desired expectancy. Their basic requirement was to advance assessment in evaluation through our assessment platform and their doubts exceeded in conducting assessments, connecting and treating candidates, resolving their doubts about procedures, and fixing the time period required to complete the entire task. Initially, we processed 2000+ candidates with On-campus hiring for 2021 passed-out candidates. Next, we stepped into the process of assessment for the Off-campus candidates from the previously passed out engineering candidates and this exceeded over 1000+ candidates. We offered the promise of error-free, binary-free campus hiring to favour their trust. We ensured a better platform that admits the talents of every individual uncovering their inherited skills from the essence of consideration. We mentor and motivate candidates for their interviews with companionship and benefited their path through the sense of authenticity and transparency in our communications with client companies. futuremug thus showcases the uniqueness with a feathering attitude to commemorate the truth and trust.

One of the worst-hit areas during the pandemic is hiring and job placements. Especially for fresh graduates. All of them have invested valuable time, money and efforts into their education and are expecting to be campus hired and placed by their final year. But the pandemic has upset all these carefully laid plans. Instead of feeling secure and happy about their future, they are feeling confused, anxious and depressed.

Most companies were quick to realise that conventional hiring practises are not going to work during the new normal. They wanted something new and innovative. Something that will give them results and not just raise their costs. Something that will resolve the new operational challenges but will help retain the sanctity of the hiring process.


futuremug is a reliable cum expedient space to commence campus hiring through a faultless assessment platform that ideally works with the pace of technology. If you are really in a state of confusion to hire a candidate from the bulk profiles, futuremug smartly reduces your pressure by encouraging the candidate to be in the scheduled evaluation in a friendly approach of comfort. The professional yet pleasing attitude and highlighted technology of futuremug platform perform delegate actions to help you out in all recruiting assessments.

Work process
  • 01Strategical plan for campus hiring
  • 02Setting customized assessment with one-way video interview questions.
  • 03Co-ordination with college placement cell
  • 04Detailing instructions to candidates in the given mail Id
  • 05Technical interview with professional panel
  • 06Scheduling and co-ordinating HR rounds
  • 07Rescheduling interviews in case of emergency
  • 08Sharing Scorecards
  • 09Allocating the portfolio of shortlisted candidates to the company
  • 10Full-time support and mentoring for candidates
futuremug allocated the assessment platform to source the well-skilled candidate to meet the requirements of the company standards within a time limit. The assessment was wholly technical as it suits the organized strategy prepared to wake up the candidates to maintain the instructions for the interview process. The assessment is the hard part of the recruiting process as it should envisage the requirements presented by the company. This is so de-stressed with futuremug as it develops a convincing pattern of recruiting assessments catering to the interests of both the candidates and the company. Almost 10000+ candidates were assessed from 80+ engineering colleges to get adequate preference of talents. The Suntec associated its placements with 10+recruiting consultancies which were aided by futuremugs’ assessment platform. The fastest processing and accurate outcome of the assessment process reduced operational effort for employers in turn making the assessment quite an easy flow with futuremug.
Strategy of hiring

futurmug lists the criteria of the company to advocate a filtered and immaculate strategy for campus hiring.

Perfect technical assessment

The technical aid of futurmug helps to satisfy an unblemished assessment process..


The assessment of the evaluation process in campus hiring is perceivably time-saving and efficient.

Mentored portfolio

futuremug keenly observes the assessment scorecards and delivers the shortlisted portfolios of the candidate for further process of hiring.